A rather misogynist domination of women, sometimes enslaved, whore, or worse yet the male beast master. The slow and inexorable transformation into cow or bitch to use without any restraint. Bodies of women tortured and not really shades fetish. Here is the female meat to torture or holes to be used for the sole and exclusive pleasure of the male and sadistic pervert. In these videos you will hear screaming "... again ... again" while whipping and screaming ebre of pleasure and pain.

The term maledom, means exactly the opposite of femdom. That is the sadistic and perverse domination by the male on the female slave or beast. Simulation of rape or sexual abuse mixed with sadism and compulsion are the most real of this branch of bdsm. In contrast to the productions made ​​in USA, very contrived and that camouflage a kinky sex, SADIANA loves to show the pain of these bitches during severe applications or very degrading. If you are interested / and contact us, making sure to first read this page .