25 euro - 23 minutes
Torture of the foot rather cruel to this slave, who after being immobilized is beaten and burned in every way. Even a knife and a cigarette are passed sadistically on the soles of his feet. At the end of the cigarette is extinguished sadistically generating a terrible scream from the slave.
bondage - foot - torture - burning - barbed wire - falaka - bastinado - oil - hot wax

Master notes : I liked the idea of torturing a slave through his soles. To do this I used a knife, barbed wire with which I removed the wax deposited in them abundantly considering the fact that I have two candles left lying for some time. But the most exciting thing was that in her a right to cause terror, lighting a cigarette and started to rub it on the plants in a slow and exhausting fatal up to the moment in which I turned off the cigarette on his feet.


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