20 euro - 15 minutes
A slave is conducted in an old fort for a public submission. Inside a house, it is forced to submit to the perverse desires of her master who after a blowjob forces her to undergo a sodomy. After using the sex it is shown in the square again and whipped with a bullwhip. Explosive denouement, where the master piss and ejaculate on her and where the same slave lets go pissing copiously on the ground, be aware of his bitch.
slave - open - naked - whip - public - dirty - flogging - Oral - Pee - pissing - public

Master notes : I remember this happy day in which we went in outdoor location and you got other people. This did not desist from shooting this video where the bitch was naked and often forced to roam barefoot in very dirty environments. I remember his fabulous blowjob outdoors as something extremely perverse and pork. Others also observed while pissing on him and drunk with pleasure while she did the same. Nothing to complain, a woman naked in public, kneeling in front of you intent on sucking his cock, always makes his pork effect.


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