15 euro - 15 minutes
This slave, guilty of wrong, undergoes an unforgettable lesson. Its flesh is streaked by the use of different whips. The master will not listen to no entreaty and his powerful shots will fall mercilessly without mercy. Not satisfied once put on all fours torment her flesh reddened rubbing her cigarette on the skin. Extreme video and tough.
flogging - slave - cigarette - meat - whips - extreme - reddened

Master notes : Remarkable slave to whip! His body reacts with pride at every stroke of bullwhip. Longhose imprinted in full force that causes his terminal leave any marks really showy. Once bent to the ground I put this slave in the ass of her jewel plug and I enjoyed it to burn his ass with a cigarette. Obviously she jerked to each contact to the one species with his sphincter. Beast of large breed, able to enjoy while you whisk.


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