20 euro - 15 minutes
This dirty slave proves to be only an animal-friendly and torture. It having been sprinkled with dirt is hung and tortured with clamps to her nipples, whipping her pussy, and more. Beautiful torture of the breast with a strap full of sharp points. And dirty meat to be used and abused
animal - Riveted scoop - dirt - stable - Nipple Torture - flogging - pliers - dirty

Master notes : Exciting to roll this slave in any kind of shit and dirt, especially after it has been coated with oil. During the flogging, she had just animalistic behavior typical of an animal in captivity. His grunts during the inspection of the orifices are a symptom that she harbors the desire to be animalized in its entirety. Also excellent comporrtamento the bitch decided during the flogging. Funny summer afternoon.


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