Obscene and cruel, full of self-denial on the part of slaves. A series of videos scat realistic where the dominant use their slaves or their slaves as human toilets. Where someone does not like this kind of games, we say that it has a following in Italy and really impressive that exist as paraphilia, we find the correct document it. For fans of the genre, this section of our site is documented in a series of videos they see male and female slaves used without any restraint, and who often come to swallow the shit of their respective dominant.
a lunch of shit
The term scatology, of course anything that has to do with the manure. Forms of the disease can lead to excitation in the presence of erotic acts defecative or excrement (scatofilia), the handling of manure (coprophilia) and the ingestion of faeces (scatofagia). Widespread in Italy by predominantly male slaves who see this practice as a source of humiliation heavy. Sadian was one of the first sites to talk and document this paraphilia in Italy and research scholars of this type still willing to perform in this way. If you are interested, contact us making sure to read this page first.