In contrast to many Italians, often confronting abroad we are told: "SADIANA your site like me." This is a source of pride because many do not know the difference, others envy, but there is a part that appreciates how much passion we have passed through our productions.

Sadiana was born on February 5, 2008. They needed a portal for the development of the image bdsm, especially the Italian and especially that morning needed an original name, but always relevant to bdsm. Since the sadism has always been associated with the male figure of De Sade, at that time thought to be a corruption of the name Sadism, born SADIANA.

Sadiana existed for a long time . Initially hosted a well-known series of video productions , however, without being dependent. Do not be surprised if many of us wrongly associate to a former mistress Italian that now no longer exercises as totally withdrawn from the scene . Many do not know that SADIANA has always had its own independence and was created only for the purpose of documenting the most extreme BDSM . Believe us, everything else is fable invented by those who do not read do not know what to say. Then it was that ... SADIANA , the site is now well known throughout the world , he needs to adapt to new standards and would vary much if without distorting it in any case. It was just the time of the " SADIANA - never say die ." The stimulus we came from one of those typical " I know everything, even if you do not know anything," a category of characters typical in Italy , who having nothing better to do , he connected the departure from the scene of the note mistress to our eventual and can decline without knowing that SADIANA uses a production that has now reached well over 100 video taken BDSM made ​​in Italy .

It could also assert that SADIANA was the site precursor as regards the spread of online video in Italy. It all started by accident. After you have made ​​a video BDSM, we realized that our understanding of the BDSM was different from the long-understood by the masses, and even now it is. We often come across even in well-known foreign productions but often fall into in the ordinary and mundane bdsm artifact and make a fake. It was not, and never will be the case.

Our goal is simple. It has never changed. Document in a real way and not the artifact world of BDSM. We did not stop in times of trouble and we will not stop. We continue to make sure that our final product is in line with the expectations of those who want to see only what is true. For this reason, while respecting all types of fans are certain to decline your offer. Sadian is different, requires truth.

We are serious and determined to work with seriousness. We do not care what other people do because often others do not share our vision of bdsm. Sadiana is for the few and at the same time for all. Just pay the same passion and the same seriousness that we put into our work.

Not enough good equipment to make a good video bdsm, rather they serve the right people, a good point of view, a lot of fantasy and perversion. If anyone of you feels able to want to cooperate with us, we will be delighted to welcome him, but before I make comics that do not exist except in your imagination, you are invited to read our guidelines for: