We would be very grateful if you will not be trivial and demands advanced by the obvious answer. Sadiana is not the place where you find a mistress or try to get slaves! Do not take for granted this opportunity, you will not get answered.


One of the major problems to be solved, for many it is the question of the possibility of being ac-cepted. Therefore we recommend you to think carefully before contacting us. Is beyond any possible doubt that tattoos can not be hidden by patches or similar solutions. Regarding the masks, but it is well accepted and are appropriate for your delivery. Please no to women's stockings in the head we think the worst thing you can see in a video. Given the complexity of things that we should have our result we do not move from our office. If we do have to really be worth the effort.

Every shot video requires the issuance of a "release image" together with proof of consent and release of rights.

EMAIL CONTACT - Propose as a collaborator - new [at]

Do not think of being forced to do something that you are not able or do not want to do. We expect you to be exactly who you are. We do not need prima donnas, actresses or star, we need to collaborate with mistress really such. Physical beauty is not decisive, but a minimum of good taste is required. We do not provide slave to the first stage, if it is your first time, you'll have to come up with a taxable person in tow. Together with the contact email you sent some pictures.
While it is always useful our preference is not so much for the master "Daddies" or "bull". Of these it is in quantity. We prefer people who are able to tie in and bring to a shared use of slaves. Preferably with suitable physical and pleasing to the eye. They exclude crazed peasants and arrogant. It seems obvious to say, but it is always useful: it seems obvious that without adequate guarantees of good health some of our slaves require the use of condoms and avoid exchange of substances at risk. Together with the contact email you sent some pictures.
Female slave
If you want your security to be accompanied, know that we will not have any objection to having no companions, friends or as long as they are not a source of trouble during the shooting. Before each shot you will be asked to state your limits in any way that will never be overcome or ignored. We like to think that in addition to the video material can also have fun with really capable people. Together with the contact email you sent some pictures.
Male slave
As mentioned in other parts we do not care who does the work with banality, its strong point. Proposed for videos of licking feet or ass, it's useless. The slaves brought in our video offer many more possibilities. So first of all weigh up your possible candidacy. Sadiana is not a mistress to whom beg, try to be aware of. Intend to have the certainty of what to do, we do not test or tests! Together with the contact email you sent some pictures.
First of all, only those who are really looking female in the face. Make a video BDSM is not performing at a fashion fetish! Therefore weighted well on what you are going to do. Sadiana is not bdsm sex and strange thing! Most of you do not conceal a certain fading and often plays a part. This does not affect him try it.

IMPORTANT - it is good to know that SADIANA works in compliance with current Italian tax rules - You can not sell videos on the net as opposed to these provisions. Sadian does not pay or does not require payments to any actor or actress but collaborates with the sharing of the rights offering in exchange: contacts and technical skills and artistic works of which he has always placed. Do not respond to emails where you are offered slaves for money, we are not interested in this business that we consider illegal and that does not belong to us absolutely. Sadiana is attached for years to a small company that works in the sunlight and in total legality.